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Work done with our stones, perform bespoke machining starting from a detailed drawing, a sketch, or a specification. This different form of stone cladding from the possibility of making special and custom jobs different from the point of view of measurement and shape with the possibility of a wide choice of materials, colors, formats and […]


Pietre Lux offers a very special decorative element: the stone bas-relief. Our industry professionals with the help of our architects and designers produce high quality relief’s paintings with different sizes and different stones to meet all kinds of decoration and to give beauty and prestige to all types of coatings. In addition to standard measures there […]



Balauostre is another decorative element useful in both interior and exterior use on stairs of villas, castles and hotels but also for railings, balconies and terraces. Balustrades can be marble, granite, or decorated with stones Alhashemi, Alhaeisam and Horo’s stone, with a wide range of different sizes, colors and quality. The Balustrades have standard sizes, […]